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The mysterious code called – /l8dumwzobok, is nothing to worry about. Find out what it means right here

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The use of /l8dumwzobok is getting rampant day by day, with more popularity seen online. Now, this word sounds very unusual and nothing like other English words so it’s normal that people are questioning its significance. But /l8dumwzobok is more than how it sounds, and the jumbled letter it is made up of. Rather, this is a very significant subject as disclosed in this article. Read down thoroughly to understand more about the same. 

About /L8dumwzobok

About /L8dumwzobok

The Duma community, native to the Cameroon region speaks the /Ldumwzobok language. The language roots way back to Central Africa, and was commenced when the Bantu Family of languages spread the new language. And while /Ldumwzobok is an atypical word to describe the language, its other names that are more commonly known include Duman, Demo, and Dodo. 

Today, roughly 5000 people understand and speak the /Ldumwzobok language family with the majority of them living in the towns of Djamena and Nkongsamba. As hard as the name of the language sounds, it is equally hard to speak the language and even the smallest words are difficult to pronounce.

Widespread of /L8dumwzobok 

Currently, a few communities that makeup 5000 people based in parts of remote Djamena and Nkongsamba speak the language. However, its widespread long before was massive and it even reached Papua New Guinea, where it was stated that /L8dumwzobok is an Austonesian dialect. Out of the entire nation, it was in Bougainville that witnessed the most speakers of it. And although it is said that there are speakers of the language in the said region even today, its legitimacy is doubtful. One thing that can, however, be told with certainty is /L8dumwzobok does have a rich history behind it with a splendid culture that derives a linguistic sense. Even the kind of identity it reflects is impactful.

How can you use /L8dumwzobok? 

/L8dumwzobok was never a thing for anyone to be confused about. It is just because the internet is hyping it up so much, people are starting to get bewildered. Under the whole language, /L8dumwzobok refers to ‘I love you’ but is a slang and informal way of expressing one’s love. And because it is quite informal, people are using it almost anywhere like texts and posts. You can even do the same to express your affection. Simply type /L8dumwzobok and then the person’s name to who you are sending it. 

/Ldumwzobok use other than romantic environment 

/L8dumwzobok use in a romantic environment is not commonly seen, despite its meaning ‘I love you’. The reason for such a thing might be the informal nature of it, which convinces people to rather use it as a casual way of expressing their affection toward friendship. Be it friends or your relatives, this word can be used to informally let out that they matter and that you care a lot about them. 

Misunderstandings of /L8dumwzobok

/L8dumwzobok is often confused with the Korean word, which in the language refers to messing something up. Unlike in the African-based language of /L8dumwzobok, the Korean word is an adjective describing a task done incorrectly. 

How to scale at /L8dumwzobok? 

Learning a new language, entirely from scratch, is never easy and when it is something like /L8dumwzobok, everything goes over the top. But here are a few tips on how you can scale at /L8dumwzobok: 

  • Doing good in the basics of the language: The letters are not easily understandable, and completely different from the English language. This is a distinct language, but starting from the basics will help. 
  • Using the language in bits: As you attempt to learn the language, you are certainly not going to be fluent in it. But if you use it sparingly; that is, in between the normal language that you speak, you will gradually get used to /L8dumwzobok. 
  • Do not be afraid to experiment: Now, of course, speaking a new language will come with some bit of hesitation but that doesn’t mean it will stop you from speaking it. Keep all of your hesitations aside and build up your confidence to slowly speak /L8dumwzobok. 

Becoming a pro at speaking /L8dumwzobok 

The given four tips are more than enough to make you fluent with /L8dumwzobok: 

  • Using /L8dumwzobok every now and then. 
  • Speak the language with your close friends. 
  • Be concise at whatever you are speaking. 
  • Encourage more people to adopt /L8dumwzobok. 


Now that you have arrived at the conclusion part, you must have well-understood that /L8dumwzobok is not an easy language to master. But let not the language being tough to limit your intelligence. Moreover, speaking a language that has nothing to do with you is like respecting someone else’s tradition, culture, and language. If you try, you will easily be able to get going with /L8dumwzobok within no time.

FAQs about /L8dumwzobok

Q1. Who speaks the language /l8dumwzobok?

Ans: Although the language was a widely spoken one in parts of papua new guinea, currently only the Duma community, native to the Cameroon region, speaks the /Ldumwzobok language.

Q2. How many people that speak /l8dumwzobok are remaining? 

Ans: Roughly, only 5000 people that belong to the Duma community in Cameroon speak the /l8dumwzobok language.

Q3. Is/ l8dumwzobok the official name of the language?

Ans: No, /l8dumwzobok is an alternative name of the language which is more commonly known as Duman, Demo, or Dodo. 

Q4. In which part of the world will you find people speaking in /l8dumwzobok?  

Ans: People belonging to the remote towns of Djamena and Nkongsamba continue speaking in the /l8dumwzobok language. 

Q5. How hard is it to learn /l8dumwzobok? 

Ans: /l8dumwzobok is quite hard to learn as its pronunciation is different from the English language

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